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  • The More Expensive, The Better?

    Elsa Schiaparelli said the cheaper the better. Is that really true? Can a luxury bag of Italian or French origin be really cheap? What is behind her philosophy? Does cheap mean bad? Luxury and style and how to control them. Find out in the article at LuxCollector.
  • Hermès Always Knows How To Impress

    What to expect, look at and do when visiting an Hermes boutique? The experience is more than unique. Their leathers, designs and customer service are more than a philosophy. Togo, Swift, Vachetta, Alligator or Ostrich - so much to choose from. A paradise for those who love timeless luxury bags.
  • Six Ways Of Up-Styling Your Bag

    The ways to upstyle your pre-owned luxury bags are too many. Be your own creator and designer and stand out from the crowd. Decorate your Hermes, Fendi, Louis Vuitton or Chanel in a personalized manner. Enjoy our tips on the topic and spread the news to all your friends :) LuxCollector could be your source of inspiration.
  • The History Of Bags

    Bags have been with us for millennia. Bags have become top luxury goods like cars, furniture and real estate. Italian leather bags dominate the markets all over the world. Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Fendi, Versace, Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Loro Piana and many more to name.
  • How (Not) To Screw Up Retail Therapy

    How-can-I-help-you can put you in so many different kinds of mood ... Why are we so afraid of this phrase? Visiting luxury boutiques can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The world of designer brands and goods is excellent in customer service and production of their goods.