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Hermès Always Knows How To Impress

The process of leather selection is not only meticulous but also a very responsible task as the success of the final product virtually fully depends on it. Hermès seems to both have mastered it and even surpassed its many rivals in a way that has made it one of the most coveted brands in the world. Thanks to the great variety of leathers that Hermès uses in its products, each and every sophisticated palate can be fully satisfied. It goes without saying that strict quality control and passionate devotion to the philosophy of the brand provide Hermès’ clients with a solid guarantee of the durability and luxuriousness of any object they wish to acquire.

Hermes Leather

Hermès leathers thus come in a myriad of colours and textures, which actually makes the customer deal with an embarrassment of riches. 

Whenever I pay a visit to some of Hermès boutiques, apart from basking in the splendour of their décor and service, I do love spending some time making myself familiarised with not only the newest trends and designs but also the innovations applied by the brand in the production of their goods and adroit selection of materials – leather being the main. It so happens that I am a lucky owner of a few Hermès things. Therefore, this fact has additionally provided me with some first-hand insight into how and what Hermès makes their products from.

Their goods must stand the test of time, which is why Hermès selects the best leathers possible. I know that there is no accounting for taste, and each of us seeks something different and unique. That said, some materials and leathers have become so universal due to their reliability and durability that they constitute the staple part of most Birkins and Kelly’s.

Working process of Hermes birkin bag

Once I was leisurely sipping a glass of Moët at an Hermès store and, being carried away in an amicable chat with a shop-assistant, I inadvertently spilt some of its contents onto my Kelly Depeche made of Togo gold leather. I nearly fainted at the thought of ruining my bag, which I had been dreaming of owning for ages, yet the circumspect assistant deftly wiped it with a cloth and we both noticed no sign of wetness or coloring. No, it’s not about the shallow vanity of my behaviour as I am perfectly capable of understanding the more important aspects of life, but in that case I simply evinced my great concern about the bag because I tend to dearly cherish the things which I acquired thanks to my hard work and relevant self-denial.

What I also love about Togo leather is how admirably scratch-resistant it can be. I’ve been wearing my H belt since time immemorial and still its leather shows no signs of wear and tear except for some natural aging. Many is the time that I’ve accidentally pressed my belt against some sharp objects or nonchalantly scratched it with my nails, however it remained intact.

 Thanks to the experiences I mentioned above I became a devoted adherent of Togo leather. In contrast, my dear lifelong friend opts for Clemence leather as, despite being a petite woman, she loves to feel the heaviness that this leather adds to her bag. She jokingly says she feels the real worth of a bag if one is really heavy. J

 I have happened to come across several bags and accessories made of ostrich and alligator leathers as well, and they did not leave me indifferent either. Holding an object of this magnitude, whose only  pièce-de-résistance is nothing else but the rarest skin itself, gives you a unique feeling of experiencing something unprecedented. Only then does one fully realize why a really discerning customer, who certainly can also afford an expense of such a caliber, opts for this kind of leather for their dream Birkin.

 The other leathers that haven’t escaped my careful attention are Swift with its incredibly soft texture and Epsom which due to pressing techniques looks laminated and slightly glossy. Thanks to their miraculous properties Swift and Epsom leather bags and other accessories like bracelets and wallets have also won over echelons of staunch fans.

I wonder what your experience with Hermès leathers is and what you think of their sturdiness and  wearability.



Andris Stern