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Creation of a leather good is a very complicated process. From elaboration of the leather itself to  creation of hardware every step requires skill and knowledge. In fact, the biggest expense in the production of a high quality leather product is the wage of a person crafting it. That makes the final result very hard to imitate.

Nevertheless, we do understand that illegal and shady counterfeit industry is trying to catch up and getting better every day. That’s why we provide you with the proof that our bags were created by the hands of the brands’ craftsmen and nobody else.

There are two main ways of bag authentication. The first one is specialised professionals who master the knowledge of the brand and its products and use this knowledge to distinguish the real work of the brand. Every brand has its own rules of crafting, from stitching to internal design, every little detail is controlled in the process of authentication.

The second is the innovative technologies that use artificial intelligence, machine learning and huge photo bases to compare microphotographs of products and control every minor detail an eye of the ordinary buyer can’t spot, like irregularities in the leather’s grain and defects in the bag structure. With the growing of the pre-owned luxury goods market and authentification demand the technology gets sharpened every year. We use the database of the entrupy.com to authentificate our bags. The company is offering you a money-back guarantee.

We use them to provide you with certificates of authenticity for our bags to give you peace of mind.