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  • Why Buy On The Pre-owned Luxury Market and How To Treat Your Prized Purchase Afterwards

    Buying new luxury goods is awesome, but buying pre-owned, second-hand ones, like vintage bags and accessories, is smart. There are lots of advantages and benefits, but sometimes a few small problems too, because taking care of your Hermes or Chanel bag may be challenging. That’s why follow our user manual on how to treat your expensive bags if they become dirty. 
  • How To Keep Your Beloved Bag

    How to keep your bag when it is not used. What to avoid doing. What methods to use to keep your bag in its original shape and condition as long as possible. Advice, guidelines, recommendations for the owners of such luxury bag as Hermes Birkin, Fendi Perkaboo, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, both pre-owned and new ones.

    Dying for a bag makes little sense, but having a bag to die for changes the whole perspective...:)

    Hermes Birkin and Kelly as examples of excellent Italian and French craftsmanship found both at original luxury boutiques and on pre-owned and vintage markets. 

    Famous people and show business people pay tribute to the classic bags of supreme shelf. 

  • How FENDI Plays The Peekaboo Game

    All roads lead to Rome... When in Rome, all roads lead to Fendi... When at Fendi, all roads lead to ... Peekaboo!
  • The More Expensive, The Better?

    Elsa Schiaparelli said the cheaper the better. Is that really true? Can a luxury bag of Italian or French origin be really cheap? What is behind her philosophy? Does cheap mean bad? Luxury and style and how to control them. Find out in the article at LuxCollector.
  • How (Not) To Screw Up Retail Therapy

    How-can-I-help-you can put you in so many different kinds of mood ... Why are we so afraid of this phrase? Visiting luxury boutiques can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The world of designer brands and goods is excellent in customer service and production of their goods.