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Hermès Leathers Guide. 10 of the most wanted leathers.

Varieties of Hermès leathers. 

 The process of leather selection is not only meticulous but also a very responsible task as the success of the final product virtually fully depends on it. Hermès seems to both have mastered it and even surpassed its many rivals in a way that has made it one of the most coveted brands in the world. Thanks to the great variety of leathers that Hermès uses in its products, each and every sophisticated palate can be fully satisfied. It goes without question that strict quality control and passionate devotion to the philosophy of the brand provide Hermès’ clients with a solid guarantee of the durability and luxuriousness of any object they wish to acquire.

Hermès leathers come in a myriad of colours and textures, and as I promised in my previous article, we will have a closer look at the most iconic ones to give the reader some valuable insight into the important details.

10 of most wanted leathers of Maison Hermès:  

1. Veau Crispe Togo or simple people say Togo

Togo leather


Calf leather, which is famous for its softness, granule size and its scratch resistance. It was first used in 1997. This type of leather is very popular and is used in a wide range of products from bags to accessories. May have a kind of “veins” on its surface.


2. Taurillone Clemence

 Clemence leather

One type of skin that was originally called Mu. Cowhide which is famous for its softness. The granules of this skin are flatter than the granules of Togo skin. This skin is quite heavy therefore it tends to sag. This type of leather is used in a wide range of products from bags to accessories.


3. Veau Epsom

epsom leather


Pressed calf leather. Granules are formed by compressing the skin. The surface of such a skin looks laminated. Since its first appearance in 2003, this skin has gained particular popularity. It is used in the manufacture of a wide range of products from bags to accessories.


4. Swift Leather

Swift leather



Calf skin is known for its softness and smooth texture. It was first used in 2006. It has the property of excellent staining. This skin is less scratch resistant than Togo or Clemence leather.


5. Vache Liegee

Vache liegee


Shiny cowhide treated by stretching in eight different directions and press. First appeared in 2004 and is used mainly for the production of bags. The amount of color palette is limited for this skin.


6. Veau Box

box leather


The name of this skin dates back to the 1890s and is named after the English shoe-maker Joseph Box. This is calf leather with a glossy shine that is achieved by special polishing. This skin is easily scratched and also requires special care in case of rain. If you do not wipe the drops in time, then the skin will be covered with a kind of "blisters" and spots may remain.


7. Crocodile Porosus Lisse

Croco lisse


The glossy skin of a crocodile is known as the "saltwater crocodile." It lives in the brackish waters of Australia and Southeast Asia. The glossy effect is achieved by polishing the surface with agate.


 8. Veau Barenia

Barenia leather


Very delicate calf skin with elasticity and matte texture. This skin undergoes a very complex processing process. First, chromium staining occurs and then soaking in a mixture of 9 different oils for 6 weeks. Due to such a high oil content, this skin tends to get dark or "sunbathe" with time acquiring a slight shine.


9. Crocodile Alligator Mat

Croco mat


 The matte skin of the alligator living in the waters of the Mississippi River in America. The matte effect is achieved by rubbing the surface with felt. It is mainly used for the production of purses and bags of the Birkin model.


10. Ostrich

ostrich leather


 Ostrich skin mainly comes from South Africa and Australia. High-quality leather known for its dotted pattern. Widely used in the manufacture of bags and small accessories.


 Veau Chamonix


Calf leather from the Chamonix region of Monte Bianco in eastern France. This skin has a very delicate texture and slightly resembles the matte version of Veau Box leather. This skin is more scratch resistant than Veau Box but also requires special care when it rains. If you do not wipe the drops in time, then the skin will be covered with a kind of "blisters".


Veau Velours Doblis


The untarred skin of a calf is also known as Nubuck. The surface of this skin was trimmed to a velvet surface.


  Chevre myzore


Mountain goat skin is known for its softness and granular surface. The skin is scratch resistant and very light. Since this leather is not available in large batches, it is mainly used for the production of small items and Birkin 25 bags.




Buffalo leather is known for its softness and excellent water-repellent effect. It is widely used in the production of bags of the Garden Party model.


 Vachette Crispe Fjord


The skin of an adult cow which is famous for its softness and matte texture. The granules of this skin are wider and flatter than the Togo and Clemence skin. Due to its water-repellent effect, it is widely used to make Garden Party bags.





The skin of a lizard inhabiting southeastern Asia. High-end leather with beautifully outlined scales. Used for the production of small products and bags Birkin25.


 Toile H


Hermes' most basic woven cotton fabric. This fabric is very strong and resistant to wiping. The texture of this fabric looks like weaving two threads of different colors.


 As you can see, the choice is wide providing is with an embarrassment of the riches.

However, you can always count on our reliable assistance if you suddenly feel lost.

Which leather type would you like your Hermès bag to be made of?