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A Chameleon Changes Its Color Yet Its Shape Stays The Same…

  A chameleon changes its color yet its shape stays the same…

 In his song “Diamonds And Pearls”, the ultra-talented Prince eulogized his obsession with a beautiful woman upon whom he dreamt to bestow the riches of the world that never cease to perish – diamonds and pearls… It goes without saying that these valuables have always been a sign of timeless prosperity as well as class. And what is class? Some state that people are born with class – an innate sense of taste that one can boast only thanks to their serendipitous genetic codification.

Class also means timelessness. Timelessness in everything. As this blog is dedicated to the realm of fashion – bags and accessories in particular – timelessness of style is what the writer means by saying class too.

 Chasing the times

 You will never look out of place even if your Dior or Gucci bag is 20 years old. It will always look chic, timeless and to the point. Your outfits may change as fast as the fashion trends come and go, but if you love preserving timelessness in your look, I’m sure you know what I mean by saying that one ought to stick to “eternity” in some objects of fashion. 😜

 Many fashion houses are going out of their way to remain hip and cool as they want to appeal to the emerging masses of youngsters who are increasingly becoming their new customers. The young are living in the moment these days, and everything, especially in fashion, is volatile. While it’s not a bad thing to look different every day keeping up with the times, it is much wiser, in my humble opinion, to be fashion-conscious in a smart kind of way: to be more eco-fashionable, to strive for classiness in your looks and to consume less than more.

 The art of add-ons

 What I like about the biggest fashion houses is that the historical ones unflinchingly stick to their traditional principles of utmost quality and timeless designs, yet they experiment with new colors and add-ons while keeping the classic shapes of their products. Louis Vuitton and Gucci are a good example of the aforementioned reflections. They fiddle with bold ornaments, bright colors, animal themes and futuristic inclinations, all of which makes their collection fun and appealing. They do not dismiss their classic lines as something unnecessary as they value the preferences of their loyal clients, but at the same time they are shrewdly finding the new ways of attracting Generation Y.

LV pochettes

The funny thing is that people who value class and timelessness are growing in number.

 They still “tick”

 Consequently, fashion companies are doing their best to cater to their needs. By adding just a slight twist to their classic products, top brands are outselling themselves. Everyone wants to own something that will last a lifetime and serve unfailingly. For instance, the pencil cat bag from Lanvin did not even see the light of day as it had been sold out prior to its release. No wonder, its incredibly beautiful design mixed with timeless shapes and materials as well as the prestige of the brand name contributed to the bag’s overnight success.

Lanvin Pencil Bag

 Another example is Chanel 19. Fashionistas all around the world are going to great lengths in order to obtain the bag, which is as hard to find as lilies-of-the-valley in February. Chanel 19 is resold on second-hand markets at exorbitant prices that exceed the value of those at boutiques.

chanel 19 handbag

Also, Fendi, Hermes and Dior are embellishing their classic models with multifarious add-ons, such as badges, tassels, belts, straps, etc. The growing tendency to add a bit of “rock” to their products appeals both to older and younger customers.

Dior ABC collection


 Mini-bags craze v. traditional sizes

 In recent years, the industry of leather goods production has surprised us with a totally innovative product – mini bags which are absolutely impractical but steal the hearts of many! 😅😍 Such mini bags fully reflect the traditional models as far as the materials and designs are concerned and are chiefly used as a sort of decoration that could be attached to a classic big bag. The tendency is very interesting, however I’m not sure if it’s timeless. The house of Delvaux seems to specialize in them. So far – with amazing effects!

 However, the more practical sizes have never gone out of fashion. The gorgeous Loulou from YSL is always there when there’s a need for every-day practicality as well as Marmont and Dionysus from Gucci. Their shapes remain, but their appearances change in order to be more appealing and marketable.

 Be that as it may, some brands went a step too far and they didn’t trip. Bottega Veneta came up with their cute Pouch bag as well as enlarged intrecciato and suddenly these innovations took the brand back to its pedestal of supremacy. For two years Bottega Veneta bags have been wanted and hunted for – all with one aim – to look timelessly chic yet trendy.

Preloved clutch Bottega Veneta  Pre-owened pouch Bottega veneta in great condition 

 I think the newly-found path to reinvent themselves is something that will inject brands with more robust longevity. What the next step will be, though, time will tell…

 Andris Stern